How online reputation management software can help you

When a business has an online presence, it is essential that your product or service has a good reputation. While good customer experiences may help the business, bad experiences may also hurt the business.

What is online reputation management software you may ask?

It’s an online tool that allows you to keep track of your company’s or brand’s image. With internet media and articles glorifying or shaming brands, it allows you track and understand what your business need to keep good reputation. A bad image may cause a business to lose money and future potential clients.

A company is only as good as its reputation and it’s always important to get feedback on ways to improve any products or services. The software allows you to spot trends early as a way to help boost your business. It also keeps you informed about current perceptions of your brand. A very useful tool for growing businesses looking to reach new clients, or just even established one seeking to understand how to better serve their customers.

The software uses Search engine optimization and social media techniques, to help businesses better manage the feedback of competitors and customers. With the internet have a profound effect on opinions, the online reputation management software helps you stay on top of your customers needs and how to better fulfill their demands.

Keeping track of conversation and opinions, the tool allows you to screen whether any bad reviews were from past unhappy customers or just competition trying to hurt your reputation. As new startups on on the rise daily, the software is basically feedback. It helps knowing if your current practices are either helping or hurting your business.

Competitors are well to known to attack and defame rival businesses. By implementing the software, you get full control on what’s being said about your brand. Its help to track who said it? Who’s listening? And what strategies to implement on helping stop it. And most importantly of all if your online reputation is at its best, it’s you understand why your company may be negatively reviewed.

Why Does My Business Reputation Online Matter?

While most small businesses think that online reputations don’t matter, this thought could be the biggest mistake they ever make. A company’s online reputation has a direct impact on the revenue they procure. A negative company image online can cost a company thousands if not millions of dollars of lost revenue per year.

We all know that bad news travels fast. If you are not careful, anyone for any reason can post negative comments about you or your company. How this impacts you and your business can be as small as a potential customer clicking on a competitor instead of your site or as damaging as people asking their friends and family not to conduct business with you or your company.

How Do I Know What People Are Saying About My Company?

Finding out about your online image is a lot easier than you may think. The most common is a Google Search. Those that are looking for information regarding your company or you can simply type your name into the search bar and find any information that has been published, good or bad. Other search engines people will try will be any major search engine like Yahoo, Bing, MSN, or AOL.

A second place people will go to investigate the online reputation of a company will be their social media sites. Places like Twitter and Facebook hold a lot of clout in the online world. You are able to search about a company and the things being said about a company just by searching them.

How Can I Keep An Eye On All The Places Where People May Talk About My Business?

Fortunately, due to the rising impact online reputations have on a company’s credibility and reliability, there are a host of tools out there to help you manage and build your online reputation. Most services have a monthly fee, but it is a small investment compared to the revenues lost for having a poor online image.

Social Mention – Social mention is a free to use tool that will monitor a company’s online reputation based on their mentions throughout the internet. It will allow you to view the strength of your online presence and whether the online world has a positive or negative impression of your business. It can provide information regarding keywords that are most used or associated with your business and where your business is viewed the most.

Topsy – Topsy is also a free search too. It works much like Social Mention. However you are able to search specific areas with Topsy and some specialty searches like what industry influencers have to say about your company.

How to Go Viral on YouTube

It seems that everyone is on YouTube. By any metric, it is the largest social media site, with more than a billion unique visitors every month. If you have a video on YouTube, it will surely get some views. But how many views will a video get? If you  want your video to go viral, how many views does it need before it takes off on its own?

These are valid questions, and every person who wants to have a successful viral campaign has to have the answers before the campaign starts. Otherwise, the campaign would fizzle even before it has begun. In most instances, the only way to get people to watch a video on YouTube would be if there were prior views. Videos with more views attract viewers who search videos with the use of keywords. Those with more views get more interest than other videos.

It’s a chicken and egg question: how to get views when more views attract viewers? If you’re not in a hurry, you can share your video on different social networking sites. On top of that, after you post the video link on other social networking sites, you then share the post to other accounts, and so on. This is tedious work, and quite repetitive. But if you have a large number of followers in these accounts, then you should be able to garner a lot views for the video.

If you are in a hurry, there is a way to get a lot of initial views fast. You would have to how to buy YouTube views. This is just one way of getting the views you need. Although this is a quick way to get views, be prepared to wait a bit before the number of views get served. Because of the way YouTube counts views, you would need to wait a while. One of the rules is that YouTube counts unique visitors, which means it checks if the request came from a new computer, or just a repeat request. The same computer can request for the same video the next day and it would be counted again for that day.

Getting a video to go viral is not always guaranteed. It needs to be shared on a lot of social networking sites and users. But before it gets shared it has to be interesting. If you have a site which you want to promote, you can create a video which mentions that site or about that site, and use it in the video.

Otherwise, if you don’t need for a video to go viral, but you just want to have more subscribers or viewers, you can still buy YouTube views. The strategy of attracting more subscribers and views by getting an initial number of views does work. Videos which have only a few views do not generate enough interest. The common perception is that these are personal videos and are only of interest with a limited viewership, like friends and relatives.

Getting a lot of views can be happen organically, if you can wait a while. But if you want a quick jumpstart on number of views, you might consider to buy YouTube views.

Social Media Study Forecast


In the first decade of the 21st century we saw an emergence of another platform of reality. This world has a different set of rules and regulations. Still a bit like ours in some aspects but is uniquely distinct in every way. I’m talking about the World Wide Web and I believe that half of humanity got their lives entwined in its web.

A considerable portion of the world’s population is distributed in small business and large scale companies. This may be attributed to employees tweeting, sharing, liking or even checking their private messages. It may also be due to the marketing department using this newly developed promotional channel in increasing their product’s visibility eventually leading to higher sales.


It is a known belief that last 2012 most businesses started to take notice of the importance of social media and began to lay the groundwork necessary for its development. Companies started using well accepted social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for their advertisement due to the volume of traffic made in those mentioned sites. Annual budgets now include payments for websites promotion, web developer or even web artist.

Twitter’s friendly graphic user interface has prompted most Twitter followers to use twitter rather than other social networks. Since its discovery, twitter has seen its number of users increase, and the number of twitter followers on popular pages increases subsequently. With Twitter being used for internet marketing, one can learn how to buy Twitter followers to enhance social media marketing.

By 2011, a different kind of flow was being set up. A social media study stated that integration and analysis started to be a part of the marketing strategies of companies to maximize online promotion.

Corporations started to compare the number of likes or plus ones to the increment that is being added to the product’s sales volume. It is now not just checking the comments and the shares but translating it to product development. It is now seen as a mode of hearing out the experiences and proposition of consumers on the product and making the necessary action for its improvements. The formerly single method of marketing evolved to interaction, suggestion and recommendation which ultimately lead to better quality of everything.


Now at 2012 the populace is able to grasp the concept that social media has really have in store as a new phase for communication. It offers each of us an online presence with could interact to a level way beyond just simple communication. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the far end of the globe, you’ll have the same access to the information; have the ability to contribute and all of it is done real time. This has such a huge impact on marketing since launching a product with everyone invited online will provide easier means of promotion and faster dealing out of sales. The integration of many businesses and soon even all of the fortune 500 companies into social media just proves that studies involving social media have forecasted its importance and massive role in the future.

Form the turn of the century up to the present time, social media has without a doubt evolved into something beneficial for all of us. But like most report and comment states, it is still on its early era and surely there are more things to learn. There are even more concepts and principles to gain knowledge on it.

Firefighter Who Died While Scuba Diving Is Id’d | Boston Herald

Officials said 21-year veteran firefighter Capt. Michael Kucsma died on a recreational scuba dive while off duty. His colleagues at the Portland Fire Department retrieved him and attempted resuscitation. He was pronounced dead at the scene Monday. Fire Chief Jerome LaMoria said in a statement that when it’s a co-worker, “it is that much harder on everyone involved.” The episode unfolded with a report at 3:40 p.m. Monday that an unconscious man was in the water near the yacht center. Officials said funeral arrangements have not been made. Read more-

Abzu’s secrets are about more than a Journey-esque scuba dive | GamesBeat | Games | by gjvaldes


One point Nava brought up was thebrutal way weusually treat animals in video games: We kill and skin them for supplies, or to unlock new upgrades for our character. I told him I noticed this as well, especially in games like Far Cry 3, the Tomb Raider reboot, and Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. Thats not really how I want to interact [with animals], said Nava. I want to have a more meaningful, more respectful, more thoughtful interaction with them. Thats one of the fun challenges that Im looking forward to on this game: How do you create a sense of connection that is different [from what we’ve seen]? Above: The last shot of Abzus trailer. Image Credit: Giant Squid Whats going on in that last scene? The trailer ends with a shot of the diver standing inside of a cave and being lit by a harsh red light. But its not the kind of cave you think youd find under the sea. Actually, its not clear if youre even underwater anymore. Source: Abzu’s secrets are about more than a Journey-esque scuba dive | GamesBeat | Games | by gjvaldes

Portland Maine Fire Capt. Who Died SCUBA Diving Suffered Heart Attack

It is referred to as old farts gas since the feeling of fatigue is lessened by its use which allows for older divers to make repetitive dives during the diving day. Nitrox is considered somewhat safer than air and ANDI is its great proponent and promoter throughout Greece. In addition to providing instruction and certification for Nitrox, Takis also provides instruction in the use of other more complex mixed gases, such as Heliox, which is a mixture of helium and oxygen. Heliox and other exotic gas mixtures are used for deep technical dives, where a diver may spend hours underwater at depths of several hundred feet, such as working to lay a pipeline in the case of commercial divers. There are sports divers who dive on these exotic mixes to visit attractions in Greece such as the wreck of the Brittanic, the Titanics sister ship. Originally built as a transatlantic steamer, the Brittanic was converted into a hospital ship during the World War I. She sank in November 1916 off the island of Kea (Tzia). The debate continues to this day as to whether the sinking resulted from a mine or a torpedo courtesy of the German Navy. The wreck lies in one piece, is very well preserved and lies approximately four hundred feet deep. Takis has visited the Brittanic which has been declared an underwater memorial to honor the memory of those sixteen souls who went down with the ship. Famed diver Jacques Cousteau dove the Brittanic during 1975 and made a documentary about his expedition which is available on YouTube, Read more-

A Complete Guide to Scuba Diving in Greece |

Scuba Diving in Greece

Attempts by rescuers to revive him were unsuccessful. According to a Wednesday night news release by the Portland Fire Department, the state medical examiner’s office in Augusta determined that Kucsma died of natural causes while diving. “This report is bittersweet, allowing his family and co-workers additional peace of mind. Yet there is still the task of saying goodbye to a son, a husband, a brother and a friend,” Portland Fire Chief Jerome LaMoria said in a statement Wednesday night. In addition to his job with the Portland Fire Department, Kucsma was a deputy chief with the Gorham department. Continues here-


His label Hotflush has uploaded a preview of the four-track EP to SoundCloud, giving an insight into ‘Aphids’, ‘Choke’, ‘Solitary Confinement’ and ‘Distance’. Due for release on June 30, ‘Phenix 2’ follows on from the first installment that arrived March 30. Scuba plays his only live show of 2014 at Mixmag Live this Friday alongside Tom Demac, Kowton and Brendan Long. Head here for tickets. Listen to the preview of ‘Phenix 2’ below. From-

Scuba Announces Second Installment Of Phenix Series | Mixmag

His label Hotflush has uploaded a preview of the four-track EP to SoundCloud, giving an insight into ‘Aphids’, ‘Choke’, ‘Solitary Confinement’ and ‘Distance’. Due for release on June 30, ‘Phenix 2’ follows on from the first installment that arrived March 30. Scuba plays his only live show of 2014 at Mixmag Live this Friday alongside Tom Demac, Kowton and Brendan Long. Head here for tickets. Listen to the preview of ‘Phenix 2’ below. Find out more- SCUBA ANNOUNCES SECOND INSTALLMENT OF PHENIX SERIES | Mixmag

Abzu’s secrets are about more than a Journey-esque scuba dive | GamesBeat | Games | by gjvaldes


So one thing were doing is basing all the fish and sea life you meet on real creatures. Taking their actual behaviors and condensing them down into really interesting interactions with the player. There is gonna be an element of reality to it. But where the game will take you I think we will be able to take you somewhere really magical. I told Nava that the first thing that tipped me off about this was the diver. With the glowing marks on his suit and his oval-shaped helmet, the diver doesnt look like he came from our world. That speaks to one real important part of the game: Its not a simulator, he said. Its not about scuba diving; its not about air tanks and air gauges. Its about the experience and the magic of being in the environment at the expense of all other things. Thats really the focus of the gameplay that were designing. Read more –

Dive into Havasu: Scuba could boost tourism – Havasu News: News

Michael Kucsma. 1 Portland crews worked in vain to rescue and revive an off-duty firefighter who died while SCUBA diving. Capt. MichaelKucsma, an avid scubadiver, was reported missing near Back Cove by a diving partner around 3:40 PM. Portland fire crews responded to the scene and worked to locate and extricate Kucsma. Despite efforts toresuscitate Kucsma, hewas pronounced dead at the scene and then taken to a funeral home. Originally posted-

Portland Fire Capt. Dies During Recreational Dive – Firehouse

Traub is an avid diver himself and said he has been pitching the article to Scuba Diver for a couple years now. Our job is to diversify the economy and scuba diving is a natural amenity that hasnt been exploited, Traub said. This is one of the sexy things about the lake that people dont know about. Theres lots of unexplored areas of the lake for divers to explore. Local diver Joel Silverstein, vice president of Scuba Training and Technologies, said Lake Havasu has 900 acres of underwater fish habitat and 30 dive sites that make it the premier dive area in the desert southwest. We like to consider Lake Havasu the Caribbean of the Southwest, Silverstein said. Silverstein said the lake is also popular for the ability to be certified in four days, the clear visibility, and year-round diving season. Bait fish are common in Havasu and Kathey Weydig, who is president of Scuba Training and Technology, said there are smallmouth and largemouth bass, and redear sunfish. She said the redear sunfish have been growing large because of the invasive quagga muscle that they feed on. Source: Dive into Havasu: Scuba could boost tourism – Havasu News: News

Scuba Announces Second Installment Of Phenix Series | Mixmag

His label Hotflush has uploaded a preview of the four-track EP to SoundCloud, giving an insight into ‘Aphids’, ‘Choke’, ‘Solitary Confinement’ and ‘Distance’. Due for release on June 30, ‘Phenix 2’ follows on from the first installment that arrived March 30. Scuba plays his only live show of 2014 at Mixmag Live this Friday alongside Tom Demac, Kowton and Brendan Long. Head here for tickets. Listen to the preview of ‘Phenix 2’ below. View source: SCUBA ANNOUNCES SECOND INSTALLMENT OF PHENIX SERIES | Mixmag

A Complete Guide to Scuba Diving in Greece |

Scuba Diving in Greece

The reef is about 15-20 deep and depending on the hour teems with small fish and other marine life. The beach and the reef provide a great place to learn how to dive, since this is a natural swimming pool with warm and clear water devoid of underwater threats and eyesores such as discarded machinery and garbage. For other dives such as visiting wrecks off Mykonos Kostas has an inflatable boat which goes out several times a day from shore. The boat dives are for divers with experience and certified by one of the several certifying agencies, such as YMCA, PADI, NAUI, etc. Several of the sites that I dove off Mykonos were teeming with sea life and interesting under water environments. For those familiar with diving the Caribbean the colors in the Aegean may not be as bright or the fish as plentiful, but the clarity and warmth of the water are on par with the finest sites in the Caribbean. The lack of underwater currents in Mykonos is also pleasing, especially for divers without much experience. The size and number of the groupers is impressive as are the loutsii or the Mediterranean cousin of the barracuda, whose disposition in the Med mirrors the warmth of the indigenous people of the region. The loutsii in Greece are not aggressive which is what one often hears of and fears regarding their Caribbean cousins. The activities after diving at ParadiseBeach are likely the best in Greece. The daily late afternoon and evening party at the Tropicana Bar during the summer months is filled with people dancing and partying to the sounds of some of the worlds best djs. Read more-

Firefighter who died while scuba diving is ID’d | Boston Herald

Michael Kucsma died on a recreational scuba dive while off duty. His colleagues at the Portland Fire Department retrieved him and attempted resuscitation. He was pronounced dead at the scene Monday. Fire Chief Jerome LaMoria said in a statement that when it’s a co-worker, “it is that much harder on everyone involved.” The episode unfolded with a report at 3:40 p.m. Monday that an unconscious man was in the water near the yacht center. View source- Firefighter who died while scuba diving is ID’d | Boston Herald

Tips for Newbie Business Owners

English: Findlay, Ohio, September 20, 2007 -- ...No matter how big or small your business is, it is always a good idea for you to listen to other people. Business owners out there know this simple fact. It is not just you who can fight this game; most of the time, the best strategies or game plans come from people around you. It doesn’t matter where or whom the advice is from, or if you think the advice given to you is good or bad. The truth of the matter is, no business owner succeeded on their own.

If you are open and willing to learn more on how to make your business better, here are a few tips that have been proven (and are still proving themselves) over the years.

Surround yourself with the best

One thing you should value is your crew and loved ones, who will be there for you no matter what. If you stick to your passion and show them that same passion, they would surely act the same. Give you and your team opportunities to showcase what you all love to do, and your whole business will absorb that positive energy.

Aim high and do your best to achieve your goals

People sometimes get too discouraged that they aim low just to say that they succeeded. You’ve got to set a standard, a maximum with your business, and do everything in your power to reach and go beyond what you have set. Never underestimate yourself and be the best at all times.

Listen to your customers

Your audience is what keeps your business going, so listening to them is really what you need to do. Know what things they need and want and what needs improvement in your business. Think of your customers as your advisers; it will almost always do you good if you do so.

Keep track of small details

Looking at the big picture allows a business owner to see everything and keep his or her business going. However, it will also be a good idea to look at small details that can make or break your career. Should you print this ad or not? Should you spend your money on this certain item? These little things can have a great impact on your business, and so making sure that you see them can help you tremendously.

Go online

It’s very important nowadays to keep up with the fast pace and be updated. These days, people rely on the internet so much that they actually go online first to know more about a certain company. It’s very important to have a website that will attract customers apart from it informing them of what your business is. Create accounts in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and know the techniques in there. You can even purchase Twitter followers if you think your business needs more audience. Be smart in the virtual world and your business can surely go a long way.

These are just a few things that you can consider in keeping your business alive and booming. Be wise and always keep in mind that you need others to help you get through everything.

Buy Twitter Followers to Get More Sales Prospects

Twitter FollowersThere was a recent article in an online technical journal which stated that a large percentage of Justin Bieber’s followers on Twitter are fake accounts. This story came and went, and was largely taken for granted. When you think about it, the reason that this story did not get more mileage was because most people didn’t care, and a lot of the followers had multiple Twitter accounts. It may not be necessary for a celebrity to buy Twitter followers, but for the rest of us who want instant followers, that may be a necessary method.

Even if a person is a celebrity, there are still people who follow on Twitter simply because he has a lot of followers. This bandwagon effect is a very common online behavior. There is nothing bad about that, as there is also no law against having multiple accounts, or about having ghost followers. It is no wonder that a lot of internet marketers buy Twitter followers.

Among internet marketers, there is the need to have large numbers of Twitter followers. This is seen as a chance for posts to be retweeted, or for the followers to buy goods or services. In marketing, the more followers, the better your chances for a sale. This is true for brick-and-mortar businesses, as it is for online businesses. Twitter provides an opportunity to share ideas, and concepts. This is a free market where marketing blurb can be sent via tweets and garner instant results.

Instead of flyers, or phone calls, tweets are one way to get to potential prospects. Compared to tweets, flyers are getting to be very expensive. There is also the manpower needed to disseminate the flyers. Telemarketers have been having a bad reputation. Besides, the cost of a phone campaign for a local concern is usually not worth the outcome. There is always the possibility that the recepient would just end the call.

Tweets on the other hand are different from traditional marketing campaigns. First off, tweets are sent to followers. For another, if the tweet sound good, it can be retweeted, and might reach a bigger audience. Lastly, tweets are interactive. They can be responded to, as well as be sent to a focus or target market. When Twitter followers reply to tweets, that means that they are interested in the contents or the message. When a post is retweeted, or shared, it means that the follower likes the tweet and would like others to enjoy it as well.

One of the ultimate media campaigns would be for a tweet to go viral, and have a life of its own. When it is retweeted, and then further retweeted, there is no knowing where it will stop. This generates more mileage as it gets passed along. For an event, or a product, this generates more interest and potential reach. An event would sell itself in no time. Math guys can create their own models of the number of people a Twitter campaign can reach, but the simple truth is that as long as it gets to be read and passed on, a tweet reaches more people than the original Twitter followers.

Buy SoundCloud Plays and Be Discovered By People Who Matter

Reasons to Buy SoundCloud Plays

An audio engineer at an audio console.When you made a lot of plays on SoundCloud, other people would think your course is worth listening. They would not mind playing it in order to find out if it is any good. It is a proven fact that songs with many plays on SoundCloud are the ones with good quality. This would cause a lot of people play your song on SoundCloud and you will also find many followers if they like what they hear. When they see it has a lot of plays, they would get curious and they would not mind checking out even if it means spending a few seconds of their time just to see if the song is any good. You have a good chance of being found out by the people who matter in the music world because of the popularity of SoundCloud. It is no secret each artist and marketer in the music world is at SoundCloud that means there is a huge chance of your popularity rising if you have many plays. You will also acquire the respect of fellow artists if they find out you got some talent had so better make sure you have a nice song before deciding to buy SoundCloud plays. The possibility of being popular is certainly high when you buy SoundCloud plays so it is one investment that is pretty much worth it. It is certainly not enough to upload a track at SoundCloud and wait for people to discover it. You are going to have to do something that would make people notice it. The people who matter in the world of music are not going to search for songs as they will check out what is hot.

Target the Right People When You Buy SoundCloud Plays

There is no doubt your music will be discovered by major music producers and agents when you decide to buy SoundCloud plays. Each person in the music industry already has their own account in SoundCloud because they are constantly scouting for fresh talent. There are many big names in the world of music who was revealed thanks to uploading their videos on the Internet. It resulted in nothing but good things for them when they got discovered by big time agents who made them famous. You can look forward to being featured on talk shows and video countdowns when you choose to buy SoundCloud plays and the more plays the track has then the more attractive it will be. You are going to get respect when people find out you have many SoundCloud plays and it will certainly result to a lot of followers. You must not become a cocky attitude when you get that much of followers as you must maintain a humble demeanor. You are going to have a hard time gaining the respect of the major people in the music industry when you are someone who is hard to get along with because of your attitude.